Hi, folks! Dane here, and today is an exciting day for me because it’s the launch day for my new book, The Tower Hill Terror!

The Tower Hill Terror is the second book in the Leipfold series and the sequel to Driven, although it can be read as a standalone as well and so don’t worry if you haven’t got to it yet. Besides, there’s still time!

Here’s the blurb and cover:

Unorthodox PI James Leipfold and his technophile assistant Maile O’Hara are back with a brand new caseā€¦

The Tower Hill Terror is on the loose, a serial killer with a grisly M.O., and Maile and Leipfold must work fast to take him down before another body is found. But while the duo are chasing clues on social networking sites and the police are waiting for forensics, the Terror sends a message to the journalists at the Tribune. A message written in blood.

Can Leipfold, Maile and Cholmondeley catch the killer before it’s too late? Or will the Tower Hill Terror claim one final, familiar victim?

The Tower Hill Terror is published by Encircle Publications and is out now in paperback and ebook formats from all major outlets, including Amazon. Click here to get your copy.

In the meantime, thanks as always for all of your support and be sure to give me a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more. You can also click here to check out my books on Amazon. I’ll see you soon!