Title: The Hungry

Author: Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 228

Rating: 3.5/5

I picked this up because it’s published by Genius Books and its author, Steven W. Booth, is one of the press’s figureheads. They’re interested in publishing one of my novels called Meat, and so I thought I’d read one of Steven’s books to see what I thought.

And it’s good news, because I was impressed by the quality, both of the writing and of the book itself. I also enjoyed the subject matter, because I’m a sucker for a zombie novel and as the introduction says, who can resist a zombie novel where the leading lady is shooting things in the head while wearing a wedding dress?

The way that the two authors write is interesting because it made for quite a visual read, and so I can easily imagine this being turned into a movie, or perhaps even a TV series. That also meant that it was pretty engaging to me as a reader because it didn’t feel as though I was being told instead of shown.

It was also delightfully brutal, with plenty of gore for me to enjoy and some great scenes with the zombies including one claustrophobic scene that was set in the car in the middle of a hore.

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