Title: Peace and Quiet. Time and Space.

Author: J. G. Clay

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 224

Rating: 4*/5


J. G. Clay - Peace and Quiet. Time and Space.

J. G. Clay – Peace and Quiet. Time and Space.


Disclaimer: J. G. Clay is an indie writer friend of mine. While I aim to be unbiased, the relationship should be disclosed.

This one’s a hard one for me to review, because I enjoyed it but it wasn’t perfect. There were quite a few typos dotted throughout, and I often found it difficult to tell what exactly was happening. That latter issue, though, is due to the fact that Clay has created such a dynamic world that I felt like a visitor in a foreign land, like when you’re on holiday and can’t understand what you’re looking at or what strangers are saying as they walk past you.

I couldn’t decide whether to give this a three or a four, but bear in mind that a three is average. It’s an above average book, but it could do with an extra round of proofreading. I also preferred Clay’s first bookTales of Blood and Sulphur – but I think that’s because I was able to see more of the different backdrops that exist inside his head.

Overall, though, this is a pretty good read, especially for a book from an indie press. Worth reading for horror fans.


J. G. Clay

J. G. Clay


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