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Spike Milligan – Frankenstein According to Spike Milligan | Review

Title: Frankenstein According to Spike Milligan

Author: Spike Milligan

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 132

Rating: 4/5

This book is literally Spike Milligan’s take on Frankenstein, essentially a retelling that’s told in his unique brand of humour. Because of that, you’re probably going to want to read Mary Shelley’s original before you read this one, though I suppose it isn’t mandatory.

Milligan’s humour is farcical and funny, at least to me, and I’m also a pretty big Frankenstein fan and so I thought I should go ahead and dive in. It’s strange, as you might expect, but it’s also pretty good. If you’re into the Mel Brooks style of comedy horror, you’re probably going to like it. It certainly made me laugh a few times.

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Jack Kerouac – Big Sur | Review

Title: Big Sur

Author: Jack Kerouac

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 186

Rating: 4/5


Jack Kerouac - Big Sur

Jack Kerouac – Big Sur


In Big Sur, we get some more of Kerouac’s reflections on his own life in his unique brand of stream of consciousness beat prosody. This one in particular focuses on his slightly later years, after the release of On the Road brought him notoriety, and follows the troubles with alcoholism that plagued both Kerouac and many of his friends.

A particular favourite for me was this little excerpt when he talked about his hangovers: “I feel like the most disgraceful and nay disreputable wretch on earth, in fact my hair is blowing in beastly streaks across my stupid and moronic face, the hangover has now worked paranoia into me down to the last pitiable detail.”

There’s just something about Kerouac’s writing style that’s both absorbing and super enjoyable. Sure, he might make you think, but I felt as though some of his maturity came into play here and added an extra element. There was more wisdom there from the older Jack Kerouac than in his earlier work.


Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac


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