John Wyndham – Jizzle [REVIEW]

Title: Jizzle

Author: John Wyndham

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 192

Rating: 3.5/5

Okay, let’s just gloss over the name. That story is about a monkey that’s a little smarter than we humans give it credit for and who eventually leads to a divorce and a murder.

This is a collection of John Wyndham’s short stories, and there’s a moveable feast of pieces for us to enjoy. Wyndham covers a whole bunch of different subject matters, and really the only thing that they all have in common is that they have endings that will take you by surprise.

All in all, John Wyndham does a great job as always here, and I think the fact that these are short stories helps to ensure that he doesn’t fall into the trap of labouring the point. That happens from time to time in his full length novels because he’s more of an ideas man than the kind of writer who’s all about fast-paced action scenes.

If you’ve been wanting to give Wyndham a try, this isn’t a bad place to start for a kind of lucky dip. So yeah!

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Herman Hesse – Demian [REVIEW]

Title: Demian

Author: Herman Hesse

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 160

Rating: 4/5

There’s a lot to like here, but then I guess I’m not surprised by that because I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of Hesse to date. This one is also a little more comprehensible than some of his other stuff, and it does the thing I like where it follows a relatively ordinary life full of relatively ordinary happenings but somehow makes it… interesting.

I have a lot of love for Herman Hesse, and this book is a reminder of why that is. I particularly liked the characterisation, and the opening couple of scenes were super gripping despite their mundanity and helped me to fall right into reading it.

Before long, I was loving it, powering through the story line and devouring it like a good meal. It wasn’t that I couldn’t wait for what was coming next, I just enjoyed the journey.

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