Hi, folks! Dane here, and today I’m sharing a quick little update to let you know that it’s launch day for Half-Human Heroes, a brand new anthology edited by the one and only Jeremy Fee!

Jeremy is a YouTube friend of mine and an author in his own right, and so when he asked me if I’d be interested in taking part in his new anthology, I knew I had to say yes. I submitted a story, he accepted it, and the rest is history!

Here’s what you need to know:



This action-packed fantasy anthology includes stories with characters considered half-human for various reasons, such as being multi-racial or hybrid species, shorter than the average human, characters lacking some sense of humanity, possessed characters, etc. Despite the derogatory views of others, these characters still manage to (at least sometimes) act in heroic ways.

The authors of this anthology share something in common, in addition to their love for speculative fiction (fantasy, science-fiction, horror, magical realism) they also promote reading and literacy with their social media accounts. You can find them online with YouTube (BookTube, AuthorTube), Instagram (commonly referred to as Bookstagram), and Twitter.

Foreword by Philip Chase, Ph.D.
“Dishonoured in Death” by Mason Adey
“Goatman’s Bridge” by P.M. Brown
“The Band Gets Together” by Dane Cobain
“Home of the Gnome” by Jeremy Fee
“Abandoned Hope” by Jessica Haas
“Amaranthine Amphitheater” by Liam Q.D. Hall
“Lies of the Sun Stone & the Hybrid Prince” by S.D. Huston
“Red Eyes” by Kupel Yosef Kark
“More or Less Human” by Margaret Pinard
“The Defense of Bergond” by David Wiley



My story, The Band Gets Together, is actually the first chapter of a work-in-progress of mine called Monsters of Rock, but it happens to work well as a standalone and perfectly fitted the submission criteria. The full novel will hopefully be out in a year or so, so keep ’em peeled.

Half-Human Heroes is out now in paperback and ebook formats and you can pick up your copy here. .

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