Hi, folks! Dane here, and the fact that I’m once again writing a news article on my website can mean only one thing: book news!

Today, it’s the cover reveal for my next book, The Lexicologist’s Handbook. This one’s an interesting one because it’s a project that’s been in progress for over ten years. I first started it when I was at university, and as part of my research for it I read the Oxford English Dictionary in its entirety.

That’s because The Lexicologist’s Handbook is a dictionary with a difference, a reference book that’s packed to the seams with strange and unusual words. Check out the cover and the blurb below.


Pronunciation: Lec-sic-ol-oh-jist                               Type: Noun

Definition: A student of language, particularly the components of language such as the nature or meaning of words. Also, a compiler or writer of a dictionary.

Example: The lexicologist was overjoyed to discover that lugubrious is a word.

Whether you’re an author, a poet, a songwriter or a student, The Lexicologist’s Handbook will introduce you to words that you’ve never heard before and change the way that you look at language.

Like a traditional dictionary but with the boring words left out, The Lexicologist’s Handbook will help you to broaden your vocabulary and impress your friends while entertaining you along the way. It’s the perfect book for all lexophiles.

The cover was designed by my super talented cover designer Larch Gallagher and the book was edited by my long-time partner-in-crime Pam Elise Harris.

The Lexicologist’s Handbook is scheduled for release on Friday 27th August and will be available in both paperback and electronic formats through all of the usual retailers.

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