Hi, folks! Dane here, and today I wanted to share a quick update to let you know that it’s launch day for the Local Haunts Anthology, which was compiled and edited by fellow YouTuber Regina Saint Claire

It’s a super cool project with a simple premise: it brings together BookTubers and AuthorTubers (i.e. people who make videos about books and writing). The submission period took place earlier this year and the prompt was to tell a horror story based in your part of the world.

For me, I retold the local ghost story of a barmaid called Suki who worked at the George and Dragon here in High Wycombe. She was tricked into going to the Hellfire Caves by some local boys. When she found out that they’d tricked her, she threw stones at them, so they threw stones back and accidentally killed her. They say her ghost still haunts the area to this day.

Nineteen twisted tales from a vibrant, online community of horror enthusiasts!

What’s HorrorTube? A creepy, new carnival ride combining a water slide park with a haunted funhouse? Not quite, although that sounds like a blast.

A subset of BookTube, HorrorTube is an online community of horror enthusiasts who regularly post YouTube videos about horror-related topics, including books, films, and fiction writing.

Some of the writers included in this anthology cover horror exclusively. You’ll find them posting creepy photos on Instagram or waxing poetic about the seventies drive-in flick that kept them up all night. Some read widely, only delving into the horror genre occasionally. All are passionate about books and writing.

Joined together by this vibrant, online community of readers and writers, these nineteen authors bring you scary stories from all parts of the globe, proving that fear is universal.

Local Haunts has taken the horror BookTube community’s global influence and shrunk it down into one village of horror and mayhem you’ll not soon forget. Inside these pages are frightening stories from around the globe, telling tales of haunts, monsters, and other terrible things local to each author’s place of residence. Within these pages you’ll find terrifying tales from North America, my own included, joined by terrible happenings in the Australian bushlands, ghosts haunting an old Greek mansion, an abandoned Vietnamese hospital, and a creepy museum, among many other eldritch encounters. From the foreword by Jason White

A Stone’s Throw by Dane Cobain
The Gentleman by Ryan Stroud
The Salt Hag by CJ Wright
Crowthorne by Andrew Lyall
Mount Gilead by R. Saint Claire
Screen Eight by Michael Taylor
Drive Like Hell by Ken Poirier
The Mount of Death by Kevin David Anderson
The Drifter by James Flynn
The Blocked Cellar by Mihalis Georgostathis
The Night Watchman by Marie McWilliams
Alone Among the Gum Trees by Cam Wolfe
Highway to Hell by Nicholas Gray
The Room Within by D.L. Tillery
Fading Applause in Quintland by Lydia Peever
A Full Moon Over Black Star Canyon by Matt Wall
Long Buried by E.D. Lewis
Darkness Descends by Jason White
At the End of the Rope by Cameron Chaney

Cover art by Cameron Roubique

You can find out more about Local Haunts and order your copy by clicking here to check it out on Amazon.

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