Hello! Dane here, and today I wanted to share a quick bit of news, which is probably self-evident from the title. I’m talking, of course, about The Arts Show.

Airing between 7-8 PM on Tuesdays on 106.6 FM and live online at WycombeSound.org, The Arts Show is my new local radio show and it’s dedicated to local music, events and the arts scene.

Of course, plans have been forced to change because of coronavirus, and so instead of broadcasting live from the studio with a guest, we’re currently stuck broadcasting from home. We’re still getting a guest on each week, but they’ll be joining us by telephone.

In the first show, I was joined by local musician Jordanna Blake, and we played some of her music as well as tracks by Faiblesse Parfaite, Colin Upfield, Maz Manzini, France Ellul and, of course, The Ilk.

The Ilk is the band that I’m in with Twanglin’ Jack Ford, who’s going to be joining me on the next show. I’ve also got a bunch of further guests planned including a horror film-maker called Matt Sears, who I used to work with back when I worked for fst.

I’m also looking for more local musicians who’d like to share their music with me, as well as for people putting on live streams and doing other artsy stuff in the local area. If you’ve got something for me, be sure to reach out to me on dane.cobain@wycombesound.org.

In the meantime, you can follow The Arts Show on Facebook for further updates and you can join us every Tuesday at 7 PM UK time live on 106.6 FM and online at WycombeSound.org. Hope you get a chance to catch a show sometime soon!