Hi, folks! Dane here, and today I bring you a piece of news that’s been a long time coming. And you’ve probably guessed it from the title.

That’s right, I’m gearing up to launch Boys in Blue, the fourth book in the Leipfold series of detective novels, with Encircle Publications. It’s going to be out on Wednesday June 19th, so keep ’em peeled!

In the meantime, here’s the super awesome cover that was designed by Christopher Wait:

And here’s the blurb:

James Leipfold and Maile O’Hara are back again with a brand new case.

Jack Cholmondeley has been sidelined by the police, and there are rumours of a secret organisation hiding in the shadows. The long arm of the law can only stretch so far.

Known as the Boys in Blue, the organisation has ties to the army and the emergency services, as well as powerful politicians and career criminals. And when Leipfold, Maile and Cholmondeley start to investigate, they’re unknowingly taking the first steps in a journey that will end up on the front pages of newspapers around the world…

Boys in Blue will be out on Wednesday June 19th in paperback and electronic formats from all good retailers, as well as Amazon. In the meantime, feel free to check out the first three books in the series: Driven, The Tower Hill Terror and The Leipfold Files.

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