Writing 12k+ words in 24 hours as part of Angela Hart’s WordsOnThePageAThon!

Hi, folks! Today, I just wanted to share a quick update to let you know that I took part in WordsOnThePageAthon, which is a 24 hour writing marathon organised by fellow author Angela Hart. You can click here to find out more about it.

I had some rewrites to finish on Netflix and Kill, the sequel to my upcoming detective novel Driven, and I also wanted to crack on with the first draft of an upcoming book of mine called Meat. I also write a song, some flash fiction and some poetry, as well as updating my journal and writing an article for LinkedIn.



As if that wasn’t enough, I also filmed what I could for my YouTube channel and you can watch it in the player above. I think it came out pretty well, even if I am still recovering from the lack of sleep.

Angela hosts WordsOnThePageAthon several times throughout the year, so be sure to check her out on Twitter and YouTube or to click here to learn more about it. I’ll probably take part in the next one so be sure to let me know if you’re up for it and I’ll try to keep you updated!

In the meantime, thanks as always for stopping by and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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