Why I Love My Google Home Mini

This isn’t a sponsored post – although it might sound like it at first glance. No, the truth is just that I recently bought a Google Home Mini and I can’t stop using it. It’s incredible.

Forget the fact that it now means I can control the TVs in my house with my voice or play music from its speakers from my Spotify account without moving a muscle. The real benefit comes in the way that it allows me to ask questions like “How old is Dustin Hoffman?” while I’m pottering around in my house trying to keep it clean and tidy.

I ask questions all of the time, those little questions that pass across my mind but which I would normally have forgotten. It’s mostly trivial stuff, but it’s those marginal gains that help you to make the most of your time as much as possible. Now I can learn stuff while I’m pottering around and doing the washing up. I can also set reminders that will be delivered to my phone at a time of my choosing, which is making me a hell of a lot less forgetful.

I’m not saying that I could live without it, because that would be a lie. But what I will say is that I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my general productivity since I got it, and that’s really all I can ask for. Not bad for £35. Now I guess we just wait and see if I’m still using it as much in three months’ time.

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