Why I Love Charity Shops

I love charity shops. I mean, I really love them. In fact, I’m writing after a day spent hunting for bargains in which I picked up 39 new books and two Game of Thrones mugs from a combination of charity shops and discount stores.

Charity shops are great because they sell books so cheaply that they pretty much give them away. Even the most expensive charge £2 per book, and many charge 50p per book or lower, which means you can get a ton of books at a cheap price.

You couldn’t get books that cheap online because someone still has to pay for the postage, but charity shops generally have more books than they can ever hope to shift and they want people to take them away. At the same time, when you make a purchase from a charity shop, you’re also helping to fund their work.

Books are expensive these days, especially if you buy them brand new, but charity shops offer a great option for people who are shopping on a budget. In my town, there are at least a half dozen charity shops to look around, and so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something. Like I said, in my case, I found 39.

So if you haven’t been into a charity shop, give it a try. You never know, you might just find yourself a bargain. And if you’re having a sort out through your stuff, consider donating what you don’t need. That’s what I do with the books that I DNF. That way, someone else can pick it up at a bargain price and help to support a charity while they’re at it. Everybody wins!

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