I make regular videos on a bunch of different topics, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive updates every time I post one. I mostly talk about books and writing, with a few music videos, poetry videos and travel videos thrown in. Click here to head over to my channel or check out the rest of the page for more info.

BookTube Videos

BookTube is the subcommunity on YouTube where people talk about the books they read by posting reviews, hauls, tag videos, reading wrap-ups and more. I also share some of my bookish days out to tourist attractions.

Music Videos

I’ve played guitar and been writing songs for half my life, but I’ve only recently started trying to set my recordings to video and to create something a little bit more entertaining. You’ll have to judge the results for yourself!

Poetry Videos

This covers everything from live poetry performances to collaborations with other poets and the poetry equivalent of music videos.

Writing Videos

Book trailers, writing vlogs and other videos that tie in with my books and my writing.

Other Videos

Anything that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories!

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