Title: The Vampire’s Revenge

Author: Willis Hall

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 186

Rating 4/5



I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, partly because I only picked it up for the nostalgia. I used to read this series as a kid, but I hadn’t read this one and so when I saw it in a charity shop, I thought, “Why not?”

In this book, vegetarian vampire Count Alucard heads over to America to make a movie. The only problem is that he wants to make the movie to improve his public image, while the director just wants to make a standard vampire flick with a real vampire to bring in some money.

The humour was just right, and while it was a little bit tropey at times, I think that worked in this context. It also felt a little dated at times, but it also gave me that nostalgia while simultaneously keeping me interested. Even if that’s all there is to say about it, which it isn’t, that should be enough. Would read again.



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