Title: Hamlet

Author: William Shakespeare

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 192

Rating: 9/10


William Shakespeare - Hamlet

William Shakespeare – Hamlet


I loved Hamlet, because it’s one of those rare Shakespeare plays which is easy to follow, despite the occasionally difficulty of the language. I’ve also been lucky enough to see a performance of this at The Globe in London, which was exceptional – as much as I like to read Shakespeare’s plays, you can’t beat seeing a live performance.

Hamlet is a classic tale of murder and intrigue, centring on the titular character, a Danish prince. As you can probably imagine, a Danish prince in a Shakespeare play is in for a tough old time – there’s plenty of treachery and subterfuge, and Hamlet himself makes for an awesome protagonist.

Overall, I’d easily put this up there in my top three Shakespeare plays, and I’d recommend it if you like his work. He’s arguably the most influential writer who’s ever lived, and this is one of his many masterpieces – you should read it for research, if nothing else. Even better, if you get a chance to see a performance then do that, but read the play first.


William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare


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