Title: Tinder Nightmares

Author: Uninspirational

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 159

Rating 3.5/5



This book is basically just a collection of awkward stories from Tinder which are presented in the form of a series of screenshots under different categories. Because of that, it’s okay, but it also starts to get a little bit boring after a while, even though it doesn’t take long to read it.

It reminded me in a way of Bobs and Vagene by Cam C. Wolfe, which does the same thing but with thirsty comments on Instagram. Bobs and Vagene was a little better, but both are worth a read if only for the chuckle you’ll get.

At the same time though, it’s also pretty depressing and a bleak reflection of the society that we live in. If you’ve ever used Tinder or other dating apps, you won’t be surprised at how ridiculous some of the messages are.



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