Title: The Fridge-Hiker’s Guide to Life

Author: Tony Hawks

Category: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 194

Rating: 4/5

This is sort of a cross between a novelty book and a serious instructional guide on how to live your life, framed via the medium of Tony Hawks’ journey around Ireland as he hitch-hiked with a fridge. He previously told that story in Round Ireland with a Fridge.

The biggest flaw with this book is that at times it just reads like a retelling of Round Ireland, because Hawks tells the same story and uses it to outline his version of life lessons. The good news is that I quite enjoyed the original and so even though it feels like Hawks is imitating himself at this point, it was still enjoyable. I guess no one else is better qualified to carry out that imitation.

And even with that criticism in mind, it’s still a decent book and one that I’d definitely recommend if you’re after something light-hearted to get you through a difficult time. But you’d probably be better off reading some of Hawks’ other books before you start this.

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