Title: Round Ireland with a Fridge

Author: Tony Hawks

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 266

Rating: 8/10


Tony Hawks - Round Ireland with a Fridge

Tony Hawks – Round Ireland with a Fridge


This book was interesting because it made me laugh out loud while I was reading it, which doesn’t often happen. In it, comedian Tony Hawks (as opposed to skateboarder Tony Hawk) treks around the coast of Ireland with a fridge, bumming lifts from people and generally having a jolly old time.

It’s particularly interesting because you can see how Tony’s adventures inspired later comedians and writers like Dave Gorman and his former flatmate, Danny Wallace. I’m a fan of both of those guys, and so it was fun to see where the genre started out. It’s also my friend Neil’s favourite book, and so it was cool to chat to him on the bus every day as I was working my way through it.

The writing is fun and funny, the adventure is frivolous and entertaining, and the book also comes with a bunch of photos from throughout the adventure. The fridge even seems to take on its own personality, and Hawks did a great job of showing off the real characters that he met along the way.

Overall then, it’s a pretty unique little book, and I definitely recommend it if you like to read true stories that make you laugh. And the good news is, Hawks has written at least one other book that I know of, so there’s more of the same if you like it. So grab yourself a copy and say hello to Saiorse for me.


Tony Hawks

Tony Hawks


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