Title: Hogfather: The Illustrated Screenplay

Author: Terry Pratchett

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 256

Rating: 8/10


Terry Pratchett and Vadim Jean - Terry Pratchett's Hogfather

Terry Pratchett and Vadim Jean – Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather


This book is a bit of a gem, and I prefer it to the actual novel – but then, when I reviewed that, I talked about how I enjoyed the TV movie of the book more than the original, and this is the screenplay to that, with extra cool shit thrown in for good measure.

What we basically have here is the unabridged script for the movie, which was written by Vadim Jean and “mucked about with by Terry Pratchett”. It’s presented in the form of a (quite frankly massive) A4 book in full colour, with a huge picture of Death on the cover, and it only gets better as you go through it. The colour continues inside, because the script is accompanied by stills from the film, to help it to come alive when you read it.

This, then, reads almost like a graphic novel, and as long as you’ve got no problem with reading plays and screenplays then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it – however, if this is your first time reading a screenplay then it might take you a short while to get used to the format. And, of course, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend reading this as your first Terry Pratchett book, unless you really enjoyed the movie and that’s how you discovered his work – despite how great I think this is, there’s still better out there, just waiting for you to find it.


Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett


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