Title: The Slimy Stuarts

Author: Terry Deary

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 144

Rating: 3.5/5


Terry Deary - The Slimy Stuarts

Terry Deary – The Slimy Stuarts


I used to be quite a big fan of the Horrible Histories books back in the day, which is why I bought a box set of the books at a car boot sale when I saw them. It turns out that this is one of the few books remaining that I read as a kid but that I didn’t own.

This isn’t my favourite historical period, but Terry Deary has a knack for making it fun and Martin Brown’s illustrations are fantastic. If you enjoy history then you’ll enjoy this, and that applies whether you’re a child or an adult. I’m just looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. Bring on the rest of history – horrible or not!


Terry Deary

Terry Deary


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