Title: The Woman in Black

Author: Susan Hill

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 200

Rating: 8/10


Susan Hill - The Woman in Black

Susan Hill – The Woman in Black


I feel like I should admit before we start that I only ended up reading this novel because I saw the movie adaptation starring Daniel Radcliffe, but the story stuck with me strongly enough that I picked up a copy when I saw one on sale.

And there are some sizeable differences between the two, as well as a lot of a similarities – of the two, I found that the film was scarier and the book was more gripping, and I’d argue that they both have a place in your collection if only so that you can say that you own them. But once you own this, you’ll probably want to re-read it every couple of years – I know it has that effect on me.

As for me, I thought that the novel was better than most, but not the greatest. Let’s just say that the film did enough to get me to read the book, and the book did enough to get me to want to go and see the stage play. I probably ought to.


Susan Hill

Susan Hill


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