Title: Rage

Author: Stephen King/Richard Bachman

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 150

Rating: 4/5



Rage is the only Stephen King novel that’s no longer in mainstream circulation, and I can kind of see the reason for that I guess. It’s about a school shooting, and I guess it was written and published before they became almost commonplace.


Honestly, though, it’s not as though he’s actively advocating for kids to go and shoot people or anything. I suppose the main problem is that the protagonist of the story was quite relatable and that he wasn’t portrayed as some evil being. He was just a normal kid – one with his fair share of problems, I guess, but still just a kid.

All in all, this is worth reading if you’re a King fan, but otherwise there isn’t a huge amount to recommend it for. It’s a’ight.



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