Title: Carrie

Author: Stephen King

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 222

Rating: 9/10


Stephen King - Carrie

Stephen King – Carrie


Reading Carrie was strange, because the story itself has become such a staple of our collective consciousness that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all sorts of parodies of it in various forms of media. That said, I’ll go into the plot briefly so that you know what to expect.

Loosely speaking, the manuscript jumps between formats, from a traditional narrative style to what are ostensibly copies of police reports and other forms of documentation. It follows the events of one summer in middle America, when a troubled young girl with a crazy mother and psychic abilities finds herself the butt of her classmates‘ negative attention.

Carrie is a likeable character, but she’s also not necessarily someone that it’s safe to be around. King’s characterisation is masterful and the story line is well thought out and enjoyable, and whilst it can sometimes be confusing to jump between the different perspectives that he offers, that also adds to the story in the long run and so I’m glad that he chose to write it like that.

Overall, then, Carrie is a King classic, and a great read whether you’re new to his work or not. Although it’s not the sort of book you should read in bed.


Stephen King

Stephen King


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