Title: Puckoon

Author: Spike Milligan

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 160

Rating: 3.5/5

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Spike Milligan. Sometimes I love his work, and sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I’m utterly indifferent.

There’s also the problem that he has a habit of casual racism, something that I think he picked up during his time in the army. It’s unfortunate and something that you have to kind of overlook, although I know that some readers are unable to do that. In my mind, I offset it a little with the fact that he was something of a pioneer for animal rights and vegetarianism, and it’s also kind of easier because he’s dead.

This book is mostly notable because of its humour and wordplay, something that Milligan was always pretty good at. Plot-wise, it’s lost the plot, but in many ways that’s the point. I thought it was pretty fun and would recommend it.

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