Title: Complete Uses of a Dead Cat

Author: Simon Bond

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 308

Rating: 3*/5


Simon Bond - Complete Uses of a Dead Cat

Simon Bond – Complete Uses of a Dead Cat


I feel bad for only giving this one a 3/5, especially because my girlfriend got it for me for my birthday. I should clarify by explaining that I don’t think it’s a bad book – it’s just mediocre, and not as amusing as I was expecting.

Still, it’s pretty cool for what it is, a collection of Bond’s ‘dead cat’ drawings which show quirky little ways that you can use a dead cat – for example, as a golf club or as a lunch tray. He often draws felines with sharp, rigid tails, which are used as bayonets or to drive cats into the ground like little furry signposts.

I’ve made the book sound more sinister than it really is. I mean, I’m a (relatively new) cat owner myself, and I’d never dream of hurting an animal. I’m a vegetarian. But I do have a dark sense of humour, which is why I thought I might enjoy it. And I¬†did enjoy it, it just didn’t make me laugh out loud. I didn’t even smile, and from time to time I struggled to tell exactly what was going on in one of the images.

Still, if you’ve seen some of the dead cat images elsewhere then you’ll already know what you’re in for. This book is effectively an amalgam of three different collections – A Hundred and One Uses of a Dead Cat, A Hundred and One More Uses of a Dead Cat and Uses of a Dead Cat in History. It’s alright but it isn’t great, a decent enough addition to your collection but nothing that’s worth going out of your way for. Still – thanks, Becca, for the birthday present. It’s very much appreciated.


Simon Bond - Complete Uses of a Dead Cat

Simon Bond – Complete Uses of a Dead Cat


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