Title: Unselling

Author: Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 236

Rating: 8/10


Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer - Unselling

Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer – Unselling


Unselling is an interesting one – most non-fiction marketing books have some personality to them, but none of them have as much as this. The two writers, who are “cohosts of not only The UnPodcast, but five children, two dogs and two cats”, have a natural playfulness which really comes through in the book.

The Unselling concept is all about adding value, and the idea that your goal shouldn’t be to sell to your customers – it should be to help them. By putting the individual needs of each of your customers first, you leave positive experiences that they remember and share with their friends.

It’s not exactly a groundbreaking idea, but you’d be surprised at how many people are bad at it. What is remarkable, though, are the breadth of tips and case studies that the authors manage to cram in, especially when you consider the relatively short overall length of it.

I’d definitely recommend this book if you work in either sales or marketing, as well as if you run a small business or if you’re otherwise self-employed. There’s a lot of information of value here that could apply to any industry, and so it’s kind of important if you don’t want to fall behind your competitors. Now I just need to check out their podcast!


Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer

Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer


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