Title: One Click

Author: Richard L. Brandt

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 214

Rating: 8/10


Richard L. Brandt - One Click

Richard L. Brandt – One Click


Richard L. Brandt’s investigation in to the workings of Amazon.com and the mind of Jeff Bezos, the man behind the company, offers a great insight in to the mind of the man whose simplistic approach to e-commerce changed the way that we shop online, creating an internet giant in the process.

Not only is it fascinating to read about the development of Amazon’s One Click system, the approach that set them apart from their competitors, but also you get a great insight in to the workings and the culture of the company, as well as a good idea of what makes Bezos himself tick.


Jeff Besos

Jeff Besos


While not strictly a ‘social media‘ book (i.e. – the type of book that I can kid myself I’m reading to advance my career), there’s plenty in One Click to appease even the most lax internet addict, and though I started to read this for work, I ended up reading it for pleasure.

It’s surprising how innovative Amazon were, too – founded in 1994 and launched in 1995, Amazon is one of few web companies that has successfully adapted with the times, survived the dot com boom and lived to celebrate its 25th birthday.


I love getting this in the post...

I love getting this in the post…


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