Title: River Out of Eden

Author: Richard Dawkins

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 196

Rating: 8/10


Richard Dawkins - River Out of Eden

Richard Dawkins – River Out of Eden


Dawkins is one of those writers who expands your mind every time you read his work, and this book is no different – in it, he expands on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to investigate how a river of D.N.A. has flowed through time to branch out in to the diverse range of species that cover the surface of our planet.

It’s stunningly simple whilst being simultaneously in-depth and educational, and I learned stuff here that I never thought I’d understand. Of course, Dawkins being Dawkins, he also has some messages for the creationists and religious folks who believe that an eye could never evolve through a slow process of evolution – if you agree with them, I suggest you give Dawkins a chance.

I think it’s particularly interesting how Dawkins’ explanation of the development of life on our planet is even more beautiful and even more poetic than the fairytales that religion has to offer – who needs religion when science can be even more beautiful? Knowledge will beat ignorance in any circumstance – be inspired.


Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins


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