Title: The Golden Apples of the Sun

Author: Ray Bradbury

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 189

Rating: 3.5/5

This is a collection of Ray Bradbury’s short stories, and it has the problem that every short story collection has, which is that it’s just not possible for every single one of them to be awesome. In fact, I’d say that over half of them were disappointing, but then the ones that were good were incredible and so if you put the bad on one side of a set of scales and the good on the other, they’d pretty much balance out.

One of my favourite stories was about a photographer who was trying to take photos of celebrities in poor people’s houses. The poor, understandably, weren’t too happy with the way he was using their misfortune for his own gain, and so it asked some interesting questions about poverty and class and the way we treat other people.

This collection might not be the best if you’re new to Bradbury, but it’s definitely one to get to eventually if you’re a fan.

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