Title: Say Cheese and Die!

Author: R. L. Stine

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 140

Rating: 9/10


R. L. Stine - Say Cheese and Die!

R. L. Stine – Say Cheese and Die!


This book is one of my favourites of all of the Goosebumps books, and that’s saying something – it follows the story of a boy called Greg, as he discovers a magical camera that takes weird photos. It seems to tell the future, but the future is full of bad things, like car crashes and disappearances. After a while, it becomes clear that perhaps the camera has something to do with it all.

It’s a great little piece of entertainment, and the perfect book for kids and grown-ups alike, although perhaps it’s not the best book to read before you go to bed. Go ahead and give it a try – it’s a good introduction to the series.


R. L. Stine

R. L. Stine


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