Title: Deep Cosmos

Author: Project Kyle

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 298

Rating 3.5/5



It’s tricky for me to write a review of this one as I don’t think I’m the target audience. It’s pretty much hovering around YA and middle grade territory and is a science fiction adventure that takes the reader throughout the galaxy in an attempt to take down a bad guy who can only be killed if you destroy everything. If even a bead of his sweat escapes, he can regenerate. Pretty tricky, right?

I also like that Nerd, the main character, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. I think that both that and his anxiety were very well-handled here, and it seems to me like this could be a pretty good introduction for kids. Books like these are important because they help to normalise things and ultimately to help make sure that future generations are raised understanding mental health issues, physical disorders, different sexualities and more.

The story also takes plenty of different twists and turns, and indeed it feels almost more like a collection of short stories than as a novel. But that means that it works pretty well if you read it a little bit at a time rather than trying to read it in one sitting, which is one of the reasons why I picked it up as a bedtime book.

I know of Project Kyle because of his BookTube channel, and I definitely think that his personality comes across in both his videos and in this book. That means that if you like his videos, you’ll probably like his book – and vice versa. All in all, it’s not one of my favourite books of the month, but I’m glad I picked it up. Yeah!



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