John W. Evans – The Fight Journal

Title: The Fight Journal

Author: John W. Evans

Type: Poetry

Page Count/Review Word Count: 42

Rating: 3/5

Here we have some poetry about divorce, which perhaps you need to have gone through a divorce to appreciate.

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Rattle – Issue #79 [REVIEW]

Title: Issue #79

Author: Rattle

Type: Poetry

Page Count/Review Word Count: 106

Rating: 3.5/5

I was sent this because I submitted a poem or two to Rattle’s competitions and as part of that, you also take out a subscription and get sent copies of the magazine as well as some of the individual chapbooks that they create.

It was a pretty decent little collection and I liked the fact that there was a tribute to Irish poets included, plus a little discussion about it towards the end. It’s just pretty standard for an anthology or a literary magazine of independent poetry.

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