Title: Kirk Sandblaster Faces Montague Santiago

Author: Oli Jacobs

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 196

Rating: 4/5



This is the second Oli Jacobs Kirk Sandblaster novel that I’ve read and so far it’s easily the best. That’s because on top of the stellar plot and the cracking world building, this one was also better edited and in fact didn’t have a single mistake in it so far as I could tell.

I also liked the way that this revolves around the Universe Man of the Year competition and the rivalry between Sandblaster and his arch nemesis, Montague Santiago. He actually made for the perfect foil without feeling too over the top like a pantomime villain. In fact, as the reader, it’s easier to sympathise with Santiago than it is with Sandblaster, purely because of Sandblaster’s ego.

Then there’s the way that this book deals not only with space travel but
also with time travel, which is what made Santiago’s name and helped him to upstage Kirk Sandblaster. And poor old Xlaar is dragged along for the ride too, against his better judgement. Definitely recommended by me!


Oli Jacobs


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