Title: Filmic Cuts V: Suplex Sounds of the 70s

Author: Oli Jacobs

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 248

Rating: 4*/5


Oli Jacobs - Filmic Cuts V: Suplex Sounds of the 70s

Oli Jacobs – Filmic Cuts V: Suplex Sounds of the 70s


This book was a lot of fun, and there are a lot of reasons to recommend it – the quality of the writing, the quality of the paper, and the fact that this is one of those rare indie books that’s printed as a hardback.

Here, in the fifth collection of author Oli Jacobs’ short stories, we’re treated to a half dozen or so cracking little short stories that span a number of a different genres, with my favourites including an account of what happened during an expedition to another world and a gripping piece about The Game.

The Game is a televised game of Russian Roulette in which participants volunteer to play, knowing they’ll either win £1 million every day for the rest of the year, or be carried out on a stretcher with a bullet through their skull. This piece was interesting because it was written using short sentences – which were snappy and to the point (like a bullet) – and descriptions of the characters, such as The Guy, The Housewife and The Thrillseeker, instead of actual names.

Overall, it was an impressive read, and while I thought the actual layout could have been improved, it’s on a par with some other books by mainstream authors. I preferred this book over Stephen King’s Just After Sunset, for example.


Oli Jacobs

Oli Jacobs


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