Title: The Inner Landscape

Author: Mervyn Peake, J. G. Ballard and Brian W. Aldiss

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 192

Rating: 4/5

This book was an interesting little read for me because I already considered myself a Ballard fan but I’d never read Peake or Aldiss, although I knew who both of them were.

Ballard’s story was probably my favourite, but Peake’s was pretty interesting too. I particularly liked that there was a hyena that kept on calling people knobheads. Other than that though, there’s not really too much to say here because the stories are somewhere between short story length and novella length.

There are some great ideas for readers to wrap their heads around here, but there’s not a huge amount to any of these stories and they’re really only enough to get a feel for each author’s writing style. Peake uses the passive voice way too often, by the way. Or the passive voice is used way too often by Peake, I should say.

As to whether I’d recommend this book, yeah sure, why not? It’s a pretty good little read in my book.

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