Title: The Zombie Survival Guide

Author: Max Brooks

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 256

Rating: 10/10


Max Brooks - The Zombie Survival Guide

Max Brooks – The Zombie Survival Guide


See, I classified this as non-fiction, but there are points at which the lines are kind of blurred. Brooks writes about actual historical events but suggests that instead of the official explanations, the root cause was a zombie attack. But he makes it sound plausible, so is that fact or fiction?

And then there’s the rest of the book, which is as non-fiction as they come – this here is your essential survival guide for the imminent attack of the walking dead, covering everything from the weapons you should carry to the tactics that you should use, the places you should hide and the preparations you should carry out at the earliest available opportunity.

It’s clear that Brooks has put a lot of effort in, and it’s paid off. In fact, it’s so simultaneously well thought out and devilishly simple that it contains absolute gems that could even save your life one day. For example, he suggests that if you choose to barricade yourself into your house, you should plug the sinks and bath at the earliest opportunity and fill them up with water, because you have no way of knowing when the water might be cut off.

Other people have said the same thing that I’m about to tell you. This is the sort of book that you ought to read and act upon, just in case. Because, y’know, zombies could happen. Maybe.


Max Brooks

Max Brooks


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