Title: A Wrinkle in Time

Author: Madeleine L’Engle

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 279

Rating: 3.5/5

Okay, so obviously I’d heard about A Wrinkle in Time before I picked it up, although I’ll admit that I still haven’t seen the movie and so I wasn’t really too sure what to expect from it. Whatever I was expecting, I wasn’t expecting this.

It was actually quite a nice little read, almost reminiscent of Enid Blyton in some ways, although I’d take Blyton over this any day. Still, it does have some cool ideas and I like the way that it mixes science fiction and fantasy while still remaining a children’s book. I like how it taught me a bunch of phrases in foreign languages too, although I was only really interested in the French stuff.

Other than that, I have to say that it was pretty average. There was nothing exactly wrong with it, but there was nothing to particularly blow me away here, either. Sure, there’s a sort of timelessness to it, but that’s honestly not that unusual, and it wasn’t enough to carry the story. That sort of just meandered around for a little bit before coming to its eventual denoument.

So overall, the real question is whether I’d recommend this or not, and I think the sad truth is that I only would because it’s held up as a children’s classic. It’s just fine, and it’s decent enough in the same way that the How to Train Your Dragon books are just fine. It is what it is, and as long as you’ve got your expectations right, you’ll be fine. Yep.

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