Title: Constructed of Magic

Author: Louis Alan Swartz

Type: Poetry

Page Count/Review Word Count: 190

Rating: 7/10


Louis Alan Swartz - Constructed of Magic

Louis Alan Swartz – Constructed of Magic


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

Well, now – this is a tricky book to review. On the one hand, I quite liked it at times, especially when Swartz wrote in free verse; on the other hand, there was also quite a lot of cliché. Rhyming poetry always smacks of cliché to me anyway, and then there’s the fact that Swartz uses words like ‘thee‘, which is never good – I don’t understand why you’d artificially add words that you just wouldn’t say. It’s usually a pretty good sign that the author is writing in imitation, rather than with originality.

It’s also a fairly spiritual book, which isn’t really my thing – that said, I have read a few books in the genre here and there and I have to admit that this is easily one of the better ones. I’d say that the poetry is also of a higher standard than almost all contemporary poetry I’ve been sent – bonus!





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