Title: Dolphin Song

Author: Lauren St. John

Type: Fiction

Page Count: 266

Rating: 3.5/5

Lauren St. John is an unusual author for me because I read her books for a very specific reason – because she was one of the first authors I ever interviewed for my book blog, SocialBookshelves.com. I always thought it was pretty cool that I’d see her books around in charity shops, and I think I found this one at the Tesco book exchange.

Another thing that I like is the way that St. John’s books always have a pretty consistent theme of conservationism towards the heart of them, with this one being no different. They’re great books for entertaining kids while simultaneously providing a little bit of information about the world that we live in. If you ask me, there aren’t enough books like this, and it’s a shame because the youth needs to know this stuff.

The plot itself was so so and followed on directly from The White Giraffe, which I’m pretty sure I’ve read. But really, the plot itself was of less interest to me than the messages that St. John was trying to convey, although I’ll admit that I’m hardly the typical reader. I get the sense that this series is probably predominantly marketed towards young girls.

And even with that in mind, I still enjoyed it, so I think that’s a testament to St. John’s skills as a writer. This is also some of her earlier work, and I can vouch for the fact that she’s improved quite a lot since then.

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