Title: Patchwork Girl of Oz

Author: L. Frank Baum

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 347

Rating: 3.5/5

L. Frank Baum had a bit of a challenge with this book because he’d tried to kill the series off at the end of the last book. He got around that with an introduction here where he explains that he used wireless telegraphy to reach out to Dorothy, so that she could tell him another Oz story without having to reveal its location to the wider world.

Still, considering how contrived some of the stories have been so far with crazy natural disasters being used as a way to get Dorothy to Oz, this one actually worked pretty well. It also follows all of the tropes and trends that Baum has established along the way. It’s basically a travel story where we’re introduced to a new protagonist and then they make their way towards Ozma’s palace.

The new characters in this one were actually pretty interesting, and there’s something about a patchwork girl that I found to be super relatable. But I did have a problem with the plot, and it’s basically the same problem that keeps on occurring.

Basically, the main characters are trying to brew up a potion that can be used to turn some petrified people back into flesh and blood, and I just couldn’t help wondering why they didn’t just ask Ozma to use her magic belt to do it. They even meet Ozma about two thirds of the way through the book and carry on trying to gather up all of the ingredients they need when they could have just asked her for a cheeky favour.

And that’s about all that I’ve got for you. What I will say is that, as you can probably tell from the word count of this review, this is one of the longer books in the series, at least so far. Unfortunately, it has the same amount of plot, which left it feeling a little bit diluted. But still, it’s decent.

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