Title: The Tilted Truth

Author: Ken Boehs

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 388

Rating: 7/10


Ken Boehs - The Tilted Truth

Ken Boehs – The Tilted Truth


Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure I was sent this book for free so that I could review it. Either way, I always give a fair review and this disclaimer is only ever included for the purpose of transparency.

Boehs describes his novel as ‘an erotic thriller of intrigue, manipulation and deception’, and while there’s certainly no shortage of sex scenes, the focus is very much on the thriller. The author served as an army intelligence officer in special operations, involving surveillance and intelligence collection for the NSA and the CIA, and so he writes about espionage convincingly and with authority.

And the sex scenes, which are generally pretty sexy, add to the storyline instead of detracting from it – in some cases, they’re even vital. We’re not talking about the type of novel where the protagonists occasionally stop for a quick shag – we’re talking about a novel where undercover agents use sex as a weapon, and I like that.


Ken Boehs

Ken Boehs


At first, I thought I’d find this novel tedious and unenjoyable, but I couldn’t have been more wrong – the characters are unbelievably life-like and Barry Vador and his sinister sister Electra make for top-notch antagonists. Even though they’re the ‘bad guys‘ of the novel, this isn’t as clear cut as a fight between good and evil – Barry and Electra are human too, and you get a clear sense of what makes them tick.

But now, it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for – a snippet of a sex scene. Here goes: “Pulling her jeans down to her ankles, she put both hands between her spread thighs. “No one’s around so watch me for a minute,” she coaxed. In a circular motion, she rubbed the top crease in her dark nest of hair while vigorously pumping two fingers in and out of her glistening opening. Doyle heard the erotic sounds of her thrusts and could smell the excitement as her arousal continued to build.”

Now, I’m all for sexual liberation, but erotic fiction has never really been my thing – I can take it or leave it. But to Boehs’ credit, The Tilted Truth would be a decent enough novel whether the sex was included in the manuscript or not.


Ken Boehs (Again)

Ken Boehs (Again)


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