Title: Web Marketing for Dummies

Author: Jan Zimmerman

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 412

Rating: 7/10


Jan Zimmerman - Web Marketing for Dummies

Jan Zimmerman – Web Marketing for Dummies


Now we’re talking, a ‘For Dummies‘ book that actually delivers an excellent overview of the subject that it promises to cover. If you’ve been a SocialBookshelves.com reader for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I get through quite a lot of For Dummies books, and most of the time they’re either too simple or they attempt to cover a subject so broad that it’s impossible to fit it all in.

Web Marketing for Dummies risked fitting in to the latter, but it gets around the problem of ever-evolving information and an impossibly large subject area by coming complete with an online reference library which expands upon many areas in the book. It makes sense, too – after all, at its heart, this is a book that’s all about providing value to your customers through your website.

In fact, I’d argue that this is the only For Dummies book that I really needed to read – it covers web design, testing and analytics at various levels, each of which are disciplines that are worthy of an entire book on their own merit. By the time that you’re half way through this (admittedly hefty) collection of advice and information, you’ll know everything there is to know about setting up a killer website and optimising it for search and success. Oh, apart from how to code the damn thing in the first place.


Jan Zimmerman

Jan Zimmerman


But getting the site up and running is only half the battle, and without a steady stream of visitors, there’s no way that you’ll start to notch up page views, conversions and, eventually, sales. That’s where the second half of the book comes in, packed with tidbits of information to help you get started on a social media campaign or to launch PPC adverts on search engines and social sites. There are even tips to help you make the most of your existing marketing collateral, although it’s basic stuff about putting your URL on business cards, e-mail signatures, posters and promotions. Turns out that half of the time, marketing is all about common sense.

But it’s the case studies that make Web Marketing for Dummies such an enlightening read – we all need a little inspiration, and what better way to learn than from the companies wh0’ve figured it out the hard way? If you’re new to online marketing, read this book.


The For Dummies Guy

The For Dummies Guy


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