Title: Pebble in the Sky

Author: Isaac Asimov

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 192

Rating: 3.5/5

I love Asimov, and so he has the same thing going for him as Agatha Christie, Stephen King and other authors where I know that I’m going to enjoy their books regardless of whether they’re objectively any good or not.

This is one of the less memorable of the Asimov books that I’ve come across so far, but it’s cool that it’s set to the backdrop of the foundation. I also like the way that it contrasts our own society with societies that are alien to us. That can work just as well in a contemporary novel or in a fantasy novel as it does in a sci-fi novel, but I think that a lot of today’s authors could learn a thing or two from the way that Asimov does it.

It also had a few of those moral questions that I love so much, such as a guy who was leading a war and who was resigned to the fact that future generations would think he was a butcher.

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