Title: Appetite for Reduction

Author: Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 290

Rating 3/5



The idea behind this recipe book is to provide a range of low-fat vegan recipes, and I guess I can’t really fault it with that. The problem for me was that a lot of the dishes just tasted pretty bland, and I’m also not convinced about the measurements for the seasoning. It was always way over-seasoned, to the point at which when she said to use two teaspoons of something, what it actually needed was just a pinch.

I also felt like it cheated in a lot of ways to make sure that each meal was under 500 calories. For example, a curry would be under 500 calories, but then I feel like most normal people would want to eat that with something like rice or chips. With the hoi sin mustard tofu recipe, it would have been much better served in actual wraps than served in lettuce, and whole wheat pitta wouldn’t be too bad for you.

Still, there were maybe half a dozen recipes here that I liked enough to keep in my permanent rotation of recipes that I like, but that’s a surprisingly small ratio. I also appreciate the fact that not all low fat vegan recipes are going to taste amazing because by their very nature, they’re limited to a certain number of ingredients.

Would I recommend this? Probably not, especially not if you’re just looking for regular vegan recipes. It’s not bad if you’re looking for low fat vegan recipes for whatever reason, but I think it’d be easier just to take regular vegan recipes and to make them low fat.



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