Title: Senor Nice

Author: Howard Marks

Category: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 312

Rating: 4/5

Howard Marks is basically known for being a drug smuggler, and so it’s remarkable that he also made a name for himself as an author before he passed away. He lived a fascinating life, and this book shows that there was plenty of life left in the old dog after he was finally released from Terre Haute Penitentiary.

This pretty much takes up where Mr. Nice left off and covers what happened once he got out of the clink and started to resume his life. He wasn’t necessarily law abiding because he was still a massive stoner, but he did get out of the smuggling game and started to lend his name to a variety of marijuana-themed businesses that operated within the law.

Because he was famous by the time that the action starts to take place here, he also name drops a bunch of celebrities that you might have heard of and which he knew as friends, though they’re mostly welsh. He was clearly proud to be a Welshman, and he writes about that at length along with some of the mini adventures he went on in search of other famous Welshman, a category which loosely includes Henry Morgan, Bob Marley and Elvis Presley.

Hey, I did say loosely.

All in all, it was a pretty fun read and because it was a little shorter than Mr. Nice was, it flew by much more quickly. Marks is a pretty good writer, and it’s even more obvious here than in his earlier book because it can’t rely as heavily on the subject matter. That’s not to say that it’s boring, it’s just that it’s a lot easier to make cannabis smuggling exciting than it is to write about Welsh history and stuff. Good stuff.

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