Title: Go Set a Watchman

Author: Harper Lee

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 284

Rating: 3.5/5

This book is pretty controversial, mostly because there’s some debate as to how much control Harper Lee actually had over the process. According to the rumour mill, she was basically forced into releasing it against her will and she wasn’t even sure what she was signing when they gave her the contract. Or something like that.

I think if you try to view this as a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird or get hung up on the details around its publication, you’re just not going to like it. If you think of it as more like a standalone novel, I think you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more. I know I certainly did.

True, towards the second half, it is mostly just people being horrible and then an adult scout being horrible to them in return, but I feel like it’s needed so that Lee could cover some of the different issues that she talked about.

Now, I’m neither American nor black, and I also wasn’t alive in the 1960s. Because of that, I can’t really talk too much about the NAACP or some of the other stuff that Lee included here, so you’re probably better off looking for an own voices review if that’s something that you’re interested in. What I will say is that from just the point of view of a keen reader, I thought it was a decent enough story.

And of course, there was some great stuff on the innocence of youth, which we experience through Scout’s eyes, such as when she had her first period.  

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