Title: The New Machiavelli

Author: H. G. Wells

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 400

Rating: 2/5

I had high hopes for this when I got hold of my copy, if only because I’ve enjoyed all of the other H. G. Wells books that I’ve read. I guess the problem here is that I like it when he tackles science fiction, but this was much more like the equivalent of what we’d call contemporary fiction, or perhaps literary fiction with a focus on politics, which ain’t no one got time for.

And so while the prose itself was pretty good, the story was pretty meh and I didn’t care too much about the characters just because its’s hard to give too much of a shit about anyone who’s in a position of power.

I did quite like the little nods to Machiavelli’s The Prince, because it’s not been long since I read that, but there weren’t enough for it to carry the book. For the most part, I was just very aware that I was only reading it to be able to tick it off, because Wells is one of those authors who I want to read everything by.

That’s a shame, because there’s a lot to like here if you’re the kind of reader who enjoys this sort of thing. I guess it just didn’t resonate with me, and it was also the wrong book at the wrong time, at least for me. At the same time, I’m working on cutting down my owned but unread TBR pile, and so I couldn’t really live it for later.

Wells was a super interesting and influential author and I’m not trying to take anything away from that. I’m also a general fan of his stuff, it’s just that this one wasn’t for me. I’ll still stick with him, but I just might be a little more cautious and consider switching a few of them out as bedtime books, as I did with this one.

Don’t let that put you off, though. If you’re a Wells fan then you should still check this out, just don’t expect it to be another War of the Worlds or the Time Machine. It’s much drier than that, and much more rooted in the human condition and the desire for power. But at least I’ve ticked it off, eh? Cool.

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