Title: It’s a Battlefield

Author: Graham Greene

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 208

Rating 3.5/5



This book is definitely a product of its time, because there are some central themes following communism and the imprisonment and impending execution of a man who killed a policeman because he thought the policeman was about to hit his wife. It’s very much a human story, and that’s when Greene is at his best, at least in my opinion.

Still, I struggled to engage with this one, at least for a little while. Perhaps it’s because the communist elements were so far removed from what I see in my own day-to-day life, but I think it’s more likely that the little bit of romance here was still too much for me. I would’ve preferred more political intrigue and less romance.

All in all though, I’m glad that I read this and it’s nice to be able to tick another Graham Greene book off the list of books that I want to read before I die. He’s a fantastic author and eventually I want to work through his entire catalogue. This was better than some and worse than others. Make of that what you will.



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