Title: A Clergyman’s Daughter

Author: George Orwell

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 272

Rating: 3.75/5

This is Orwell doing what he does best, which is to write about working class people and to use his work to confront some of the problems within society. At the same time, he is also talking about the church a lot due to the very nature of the book, and I don’t really care for the church. Especially the church from back in the day, when it was even worse than it is now.

Orwell’s writing is always a pleasure to read, and that’s still true here even when I don’t particularly care for the subject matter. I don’t know, man. Organised religion bores, terrifies and fascinates me at the same time. I imagine it has that effect on a lot of people.

If you’re new to Orwell then you’ll probably want to start with his fiction, and if you’re new to Orwell’s non-fiction then I’d recommend Homage to Catalonia as the one to start with. Otherwise, if you’re a completionist like I am, there’s quite a lot here for you to like.

So all in all, this is definitely something that I can recommend, but then Orwell is one of my favourite writers in general and so perhaps that’s unsurprising. I think that everything that he published is worth reading, and this holds true to that. Although perhaps there are some other ones you should get to first, unless you’re particularly interested in studying English life and religion from back in the day. So yeah, it was a good read.

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